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RISE Nootropic Memory Enhancement Supplements Bolster Focus & Recall – 60 Capsules, GMO Free, Easy-To-Swallow Pills for…


DOMINATE YOUR DAY – Whether you’re studying for an exam or preparing for a work presentation, mental sharpness is essential for success. By optimizing your neural clarity and memory recall, Bio-Hacker’s memory vitamins L-tyrosine capsules can give you the energy and focus you need to tackle any task!
EXPERIENCE LASTING ENERGY – Tired of the morning jitters and mid-day slumps that accompany your coffee consumption? Your nootropic choline supplement can impart you with lasting energy by gradually infusing natural stimulants into your body. Prepare for a full day of productivity free from afternoon sluggishness with Bio-Hacker!
MIND AND BODY ENHANCER – Your L-theanine tablets vitamin for memory support your busy schedule by improving brain function AND peaking physical performance! With ingredients shown to help repair cells, reduce inflammation, and much more, your focus pills’ blend can work wonders for athletes, students, and professionals alike.

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Micronized L-Glutamine powder by RAW Powders


One of the world’s most effective nootropics made by RAW Powders UK. Safe, scientifically proven, here on special price for a very limited time.

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Green Tea Extract 500mg 60 Capsules by RAW Powders

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One of the world’s most effective nootropics made by RAW Powders UK. Safe, scientifically proven, here on special price for a very limited time.

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Improve your learning skills with Nootropics

Nootropics are cognitive technology. They support healthy brain function or enhance mental ability. You might have heard others refer to them as “smart drugs” or “the limitless pill.”  

Nootropics include various foods, supplements and drugs. Healthy adults use them to improve memory, learning, focus, mood, concentration, processing, motivation, and attention. Older adults also use them to support healthy cognitive aging.

What’s the meaning of the term “nootropic” (pronounced nō-ə-ˈtrō-pik)? 

Corneliu Giurgea, a Romanian psychologist and chemist, coined the term in 1972. He combined the Greek words for “mind” and “turn.” So if we transliterate the meaning of “nootropic” into English, it would be something like “mind-turner.”

That may sound strange. Can recreational nootropics get you high? Generally, no. But that’s also not their purpose. Their purpose is much more practical.

Giurgea identified substances with these six features as nootropics:

  1. “Enhancement of learning acquisition” – improve learning and memory
  2. “Resistance to impairing agents” – support brain health
  3. “Facilitation of interhemispheric transfer of information” – improve processing
  4. “Enhanced resistance to brain ‘aggressions'” – protect the brain
  5. “Increased tonic, cortico-subcortical ‘control'” – improve focus and attention
  6. “Absence of usual pharmacological effects of neuro psychotropic drugs” – safe

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